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Battlestations: Pacific (PC)

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Battlestations: Pacific (PC)

Mesazh nga princ of persia prej Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:21 pm

Battlestations: Pacific (PC)

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Author keosoft90 Categorie Games.
Battlestations: Pacific (PC)
Battlestations: Pacific (PC) | 6.57 Gb
Battlestations: Pacific Continuation sensational game Battlestations: Midway is developing the theme of war in the Pacific Ocean, ably gossip into a coherent whole action of this sea battle and careful strategic planning. Volleys of heavy naval guns spread over the sea, a group of aircraft without stopping to start from the deck of aircraft carriers. It starts with hitherto unprecedented battle naval rival giants, Japan and the United States. Americans enjoy the advantage of technology, Warriors Land of the Rising Sun is based on the Code and the ancient Samurai tradition. In these latitudes decide the outcome of a brutal and tragic war in many ways. Can Mysticism East on an equal footing to confront the West pragmatism? Once again it is time to step onto the deck and lead the battle fleet! Battles turn on the water, under water and in air. Two campaign and numerous multiplayer game scenarios for both parties to the conflict to allow the full feel involved in great historical events of the Second World War.

Product Features:
# Two major historical company - repeat, or change the course of history
# More than 100 marine, submarine and aerial types of equipment
# A new facet realism - Pacific Ocean is presented in the best
# Online Battle - 5 new game modes and more than 100 scenarios

System requirements:
# Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® XP (SP2) / Vista (SP1)
# Pentium ® processor 3 GHz or equivalent Athlon ®
# 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for Windows ® Vista)
# 8 GB of free hard disk space
# 3D-graphics adapter with 256 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c (GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1800)
# Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0s
# DirectX ® 9.0s
# Device for reading DVD-ROM drive

Size: 6.57 Gb
Language : English

Screens : #1
download link : for USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia,EU. Keosoft90.GBF.part01.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part02.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part03.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part04.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part05.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part06.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part07.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part08.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part09.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part10.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part11.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part12.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part13.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part14.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part15.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part16.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part17.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part18.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part19.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part20.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part21.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part22.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part23.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part24.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part25.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part26.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part27.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part28.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part29.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part30.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part31.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part32.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part33.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part34.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part35.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part36.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part37.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part38.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part39.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part40.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part41.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part42.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part43.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part44.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part45.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part46.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part47.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part48.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part49.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part50.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part51.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part52.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part53.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part54.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part55.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part56.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part57.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part58.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part59.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part60.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part61.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part62.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part63.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part64.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part65.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part66.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part67.rar.html Keosoft90.GBF.part68.rar.html

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