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Tony Hawks Underground 2 - RELOADED

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Tony Hawks Underground 2 - RELOADED

Mesazh nga Linddt prej Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:33 pm

Tony Hawks Underground 2 - RELOADED
English | PC Game | Windown | Activision | Sport | 2.08 GB

You paid your dues in THUG. Now prove yourself in THUG 2. Youve been chosen by Tony Hawk to take on Bam Margera as your teams go on a World Destruction Tour. Its time to go globetrotting on an insane road trip. THUG 2 grinds in with a hilarious story mode, an unprecedented level of customization, and more moves than the Skate Gods could dream of. Grab your board, an arsenal of spray-paint jump into the tour van and wreak havoc across the globe.

Minimum System Requirements

- 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX(R) 9.0c-compliant 32 MB video card and drivers*
- English version of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 98/ME/2000/XP
- Pentium(R) III 800 MHz or Athlon(TM) 800 MHz or higher processor
- 256 MB of RAM
- 2.5 GB of uncompressed hard disk space (plus 200 MB for the Windows swap file)
- A 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/XP-compatible computer system including:
- DirectX 9.0c (Included)
- 100% DirectX 9.0c-compliant true 16-bit sound card and drivers
- 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/XP- compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers
- 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/XP- compatible quad speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) and drivers" alt="" />" alt="" />

· Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
· Internet play requires a 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/XP-compatible 56k modem or broadband connection and latest drivers
· LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers

*Supported Chipsets for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
All NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 2 series
All NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 3/Ti series
All NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 4 series
All NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) FX series
NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 6800
ATI(R) Radeon(TM) 7500
ATI(R) Radeon(TM) 8500
ATI(R) Radeon(TM) 9000
ATI(R) Radeon(TM) 9600
ATI(R) Radeon(TM) 9800
Matrox(R) Parhelia(TM)

*Important Note: Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipsets listed here may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0c compatibility. This product does not support Microsoft Windows 95 or NT.

1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount with Daemon tools
3. Install, when prompted for a serial enter ----------------
4. Copy over the cracked executable located in the /Crack directory on CD3
to your installation directory
5. Play the game

DOWNLOAD Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part1.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part2.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part3.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part4.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part5.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part6.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part7.rar.html Tony.Hawks.Underground.2-RELOADED.part8.rar.html YjtkNc2 G4gEgaM 6PJEF74 Q4vrqpe BEDrVrU rDbpT2F T2hxMpW WMJus79

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