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Fifa Manager 2008 full pc game

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Fifa Manager 2008 full pc game

Mesazh nga *A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A prej Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:16 am

Fifa Manager 2008

- Easily accessible
The readily accessible Home screen and comprehensive on-screen help system make it easy to get started. The freely configurable interface provides you with all important information at a glance! Choose five from a total of 20 Widgets to have all important data permanently in view in a clearly laid-out format.

- Even more content
Even more leagues, players, competitions (FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA U-20
World Cup, plus various international club competitions). Also new is a large database containing more than 75,000 historical results from various leagues!
A powerful editor is included in the game.

- Regional content
A main focus of FIFA MANAGER 08 lies on regional content: This ranges from a total of 24 Spanish leagues to the Spanish nomination system, includes the 6th English league level and realistic financing by big international investors.

- New stadium editor
An easy-to-use stadium editor that uses a modular construction system with over 400 elements enables you to build ultra-realistic stadiums. Create absolutely unique dream stadiums in a matter of minutes.

- "Real" scouting
For the first time in the history of the FIFA MANAGER series, players must really be scouted, otherwise the stats of players from other clubs are hidden or shown as rough estimates. Agencies and a capable staff help you in your work. This feature makes the transfer market even more realistic and exciting.

- Dressing-room chemistry
Here the emphasis is on communication with the players. With this feature you can make the players short-term ("You're playing tomorrow!") or long-term promises ("I'll make an international player out of you!"). But be careful - if you don't keep your promises, your players' motivation and your personal reputation will suffer.
Also new: The players can now confront you as their manager directly and demand time on the pitch, a different shirt number, the captain's armband, or the job of penalty-taker.

- Transfer market
Here you can offer your own players to other clubs directly, make long-term promises when you sign players, and use the option "Last Word" in negotiations. All this and 25 further improvements provide an absolutely realistic atmosphere.

- New screen resolution
The screen has been optimized for a resolution of 1280x1024 to provide a better overview (other resolutions are also supported).

- Training
FIFA MANAGER 08 offers you a completely revamped training system with a player analysis tool. Monitor the development of each of your players in every area on a weekly basis. Use modern methods to tailor a personal training schedule for each player! Choosing and practicing specific set pieces for the 3D-matches is important to ensure that your team is well prepared for the next opponent.

- Media
Now once again there are realistic pre-match, post-match, TV studio and press conference interviews. Experience the feeling of being in the public spotlight and managing a top club!

- 3D matches
Higher resolution, more detailed textures, more attractive stadiums, better visualisation of the players' skills, improved passing – good is now even better.

- Series
The new Series tool analyzes the game world each day and searches for interesting events. Whether a team has won 10 penalty shoot-outs in a row, or a player has scored seven goals in consecutive matches, you'll find it here! The analysis covers more than 150 different types of series.

- New features
There are tons of new and innovative features: Simulation mode (where you can simulate 20 seasons overnight), set up youth camps all over
the world (simply choose the country and location), a Hall of Fame for top players, a 24- hour ticker for transfers at the last moment at the end of the transfer window, test matches against your own amateur and youth teams, 20 personal prizes for you as manager (for example the golden Key to the city), and more.

- Season history/ Europe in comparison
Now with even more statistics and overviews of the course of the season – from the FIFA/Coca- Cola world rankings to changes in the All-Time Table. From the best youth players to analysis of the preparation of all clubs. A special, new statistics area allows you to compare important data between the European top leagues at any

System Requirements:

* Windows XP,Vista
* Intel Pentium 1.3 GHz
* 512MB RAM
* 64mb Graphics Card
Kodi: 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part01.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part02.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part03.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part04.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part05.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part06.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part07.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part08.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part09.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part10.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part11.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part12.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part13.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part14.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part15.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part16.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part17.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part18.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part19.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part20.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part21.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part22.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part23.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part24.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part25.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part26.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part27.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part28.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part29.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part30.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part31.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part32.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part33.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part34.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part35.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part36.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part37.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part38.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part39.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part40.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part41.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part42.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part43.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part44.rar 097_By2Pac_ArapAhyan.part45.rar


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