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Atlas Anatomie xhepi

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Atlas Anatomie xhepi

Mesazh nga No.i.d prej Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:52 pm

Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy

The Pocket Atlas is a useful and economical illustrated reference to the standard international nomenclature of human anatomy (Nomina Anatomica, NA). Most of the book follows a uniform format with typically four or five number-coded black-and-white line drawings on each right-hand page, and on the facing page, a key to the illustrations with the English name, Latin (NA) name, and a concise definition of each term. A typical entry is 23 Greater palatine foramen. Foramen palatinum majus. Opening into the greater palatine canal located near the posterior margin of the bony palate between the palatine bone and maxilla.

Some entries include, and indicate by different bracket styles, alternative but equally accepted synonyms, unofficial expressions for a structure found in the Nomina Anatomica, unofficial synonyms not found in the NA, and expressions newly modified or added by the International Committee. There is a key to the bracketing and font changes inside the front cover for easy reference. End-matter includes a bibliography of 94 literature citations and a thorough 66-page index.

I wouldn’t regard the Pocket Atlas as highly important for routine undergraduate teaching or a layperson’s reference. The illustrations are clear but unremarkable, and there are much better atlases of human anatomy available. But for anyone writing in the area of human anatomy, for students of the health professions who want a concise review, and for anyone who may be occasionally confused by the variations in terminology from one anatomical atlas to another, this should be a worthwhile addition to one’s professional library. As a medical textbook writer, I find this much more useful than the Nomina Anatomica itself, which is out of print, hard to find, overly expensive, and offers no illustrations or definitions. Pocket_Atlas_of_Human_Anatomy.rar

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